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Its like Tupac Shakur,Kendrick Lamar, and IWe all see eye to eyeI'm so ready to act onTo march onTo spread the truthWhether they chop my legs off I must grab a wheel chair..lolBut forealThe world might hate meMock meFollow meI leadWe leadAll to the right wayOne way is the right wayHopefully we make it to the promise landPeacefullyFreedom?Please! Jesus help us all!I wish I could save the whole nationLady liberty hasn't done a thing"In God we Trust"How?There's so much sin and lustYet we go on everyday without repenting of careBut I will save who I canAmenAnd maybe the world will be of the wordAnd not of itselfAccept or Decline Who knows you may be the one next in lineWith Tupac in my earJesus holding my hand,my toungeDr. Martin Luther King Jr straightening out my backHoly spirit moving my feetFinally Kendrick lamar..holding my other handHow can I go wrongWith such powerful,strong,men?