What's your favorite song from Kendrick



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Joel_Miller's picture

Dear Mr. Lamar,

I'm a Unitarian minister in Rochester, NY. I am so deeply moved by your album "To Pimp a Butterfly", and especially "Mortal Man." I would like to preach about your music and poetry in worship.

I'm wondering if you would find it acceptable to use "it" in place of "shit" in the lyrics from Mortal Man ("when it hit the fan...")? And the amazing conversation between you and the recording of Tupak Shakur -- would you find it acceptable for me to edit the conversation so I could fit it into the 25 minutes I have for a sermon and avoid the difficult-for-church words?

I want very much to respect your work. And I want very much to share it with a community of people that are currently quite unaware of the lived-experiences your art conveys.

I can send you a short part of the text of my manuscript if that would be helpful in explaining how I would like to present your poetry.


Joel Miller ([email protected])

Jordan_Bali's picture

A.D.H.D., The Recipe, or How Much A Dollar Cost? are my favorites. That being said, there's so many good songs he's made, its hard to choose just a couple.