What's your favorite song from Kendrick



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Achiengg_Julietta's picture

 Who else feels like sometimes it's a burden to like Kendrick the way you do. I saw  Kendrick  at a festival once. I couldn't afford to go to the concert so I settled for his headliner act at said festival. I made sure I was front row (held my spot for more than 5 hours prior) and the crowd was pushing like mad. I had a hiiipower sign which got torn before I could even wave it for more than 5 seconds. The packed crowd around me, well let's just say..If just 10 of them could truly relate, the world would be a different place. I look up and Kendrick is singing  the line...." Loving you is complicated!" from 'u'. I was close enough to search his eyes and see if he understood how I felt in that moment.  I can't pick a favourite song , but that moment connected me as a fan probably for the rest of my life.

Melisa's picture

DNA, definetly. Hey Kendrick you are a fucking genius, honestly, you like me, and I think you are the best rapper of all times.

Tialewis1988's picture

There is no favorite song when it comes to this man. Each and every song has something phenomenal and eye-opening to offer, but only to a mature audience. Kendrick Lamar, your best is yet to come!