Kendrick Lamar Covers Vanity Fair!

Featuring photos from the legendary Annie Leibovitz, Kendrick Lamar is the cover story of this month's Vanity Fair.

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Can the editors of this website please see that this post makes it to Kendrick please.

Hey bro, big fan but I ain't here to suck you off. Haha. Actually just wanted to say that when I listen to your music, I have ears to hear you bro. Not a blessing everybody has.

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Anyways, I was just hoping you could swing me an email when you have time. Your poetry skills enable you express a certain type of wisdom that I just love to soak up. We know the truth when hear it. Was hoping you might be able to share some words my way to help inspire me. At the end of the day, you seem like a down to earth dude and to hear from you would mean the world to me bro. If you have time I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your music man. Love.

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