Kendrick Lamar - Pay It Forward

I sat down with President Barack Obama and shared the same views, topics concerning the inner cities, the problem, the solutions, and further more embracing the youth, both being aware that mentoring saves lives. - KENDRICK LAMAR

Kendrick Lamar - Pay It Forward from Top Dawg Entertainment on Vimeo.



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petersanisaman's picture

Easily the best rapper alive maybe best ever. His ability to perform live is incredible. As well as his ability to create connections with people across the world simply through his amazing story telling and deep music. His music is legendary and will forever remain not just the best rapper but the best artist to ever live. 

Dennis_Chatikobo's picture

your are a star, the 4th of July has nothing on you, cause you shine brighter all year round. Your music will live on long after you are gone. Check this, I am in Africa but I listen to you. I can relate to what you are rapping about even though I have not been in Compton. Keep doing what you doing and remain true and blessed.

vegwell's picture

Oh Kendrick.  I am an old White lady but I am a huge fan of yours.  At my age is sounds too disgusting to imply anything sexual, so,  I wish I had birthed you.   How cool is it that David Bowie and Tony Visconti were listening  to TPAB while Bowie was recording Blackstar? I was a huge Bowie fan from my teenage years, and I was a huge fan of yours long before I heard that.  But it makes perfect sense because I think you are carrying on Bowie's legacy in terms of raw talent and the enormity of the impact your music has on everyone that hears it.  Human music.  More, more, more.  I LOVE MYSELF!  Now make an honest woman of me and do a show somewhere here in Washington State so I can see you live.