Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" Wins a Grammy for Best Rap Album of the Year & More

Congratulations to Kendrick Lamar for his 2016 Grammy Awards!

Best Rap Album of the Year - "To Pimp a Butterfly," Kendrick Lamar

Best Rap Song - "Alright," Kendrick Lamar

Best Rap/ Sung Collaboration - "These Walls," Kendrick Lamar

Best Rap Performance - "Alright," Kendrick Lamar

Best Music Video - "Bad Blood," Kendrick Lamar



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imanichanel15's picture

Congrats! So glad I found this website! I'm doing a 12 page research paper for my AP English class, I chose you as my 'Catalyst For Change'

-Much Love from  San Diego & I