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This was unfair. The website wasn't working correctly. It gave three different times for the release of these tickets. 10am, then 5pm local and if you refresh it, it says 4/29 12pm. This was just completely unfair.

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Did anybody else notice this:

When you go back to the page with all the tour dates (or if you refresh it), you can see the dates that they're scheduled to go on sale for like a split second? For Oakland, it says tickets will go online on Saturday, April 29, at 12am (midnight).

But on Ticketmaster, it says that "Public Onsale Starts Friday 04/28/17 @ 10:00 am PDT"

I don't know what source to believe. Maybe it could be a mistake with this website? If anybody else noticed this, or had the same experience, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'm also really hoping that there will be a meet n' greet.